We bonded over the goths and the punks

This story by Observer journalist Ed Vulliamy is mostly about how when he returned from America four years ago, he wanted to nurture his relationship with his London-based daughter. A shared love of music proved crucial as he began taking Elsa, then aged 11, to see her favourite bands – obscure goths discovered on the internet. It was the start of an 18-month voyage of discovery that brought them closer than ever. This voyage of discovery includes Elsa subtly but effectively being bullied at primary school, which had awakened her interest in pop music. As Elsa’s musical tastes developed, she has bloomed says her father. She asserted herself and found company she enjoys – some of it on the internet, but mostly in the flesh – and which appreciates her in return. The article includes some background on how she made friends using the internet, discovering “friends” with similar tastes around the world. It’s inclusion is an antidote to the regular stories of kids meeting strangers that should be avoided. It’s a good news story of a developing relationship between father and daughter and includes some detail on the role of the internet in a girl’s life, how it helps her develop.http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,2088833,00.html

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