Washington Post Also Broadly Infiltrated By Chinese Hackers in 2012

The Washington Post was among several major U.S. newspapers that spent much of 2012 trying to untangle its newsroom computer networks from a Web of malicious software thought to have been planted by Chinese cyberspies, according to a former information technology employee at the paper.On Jan. 30, The New York Times disclosed that Chinese hackers had persistently attacked the Gray Lady, infiltrating its computer systems and getting passwords for its reporters and other employees. The Times said that the timing of the attacks coincided with the reporting for a Times investigation, published online on Oct. 25, that found that the relatives of Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, had accumulated a fortune worth several billion dollars through business dealings.
http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/02/source-washington-post-also-broadly-infiltrated-by-chinese-hackers-in-2012/Also see:Chinese hackers targeted Washington Post in 2011, newspaper says
The Washington Post has become the latest US news outlet to claim it was the victim of Chinese hackers, saying it was targeted by a “sophisticated cyber-attack” in 2011.In a front-page article Saturday, the Post confirmed it brought in a security firm to “promptly” deal with the breach, suspected to be the work of Beijing.

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