Wanted: More Vigilance on Data Security

Your data is out there, and people are coming for it. If you’re lucky, the villains will only get the most harmless stuff. Perhaps they’ll filch just your phone number from Snapchat, a number you thought would be kept confidential because the messaging company makes a show of its commitment to your privacy. You believed it would actually take steps to keep its promise (so did I). In fact, Snapchat was lax, and now your selfie-stained number is out there, dangling in the wind.If you aren’t so lucky, the bad guys could get much more damaging data. You used a credit card to shop at Target. Naturally, you assumed such a big company took adequate measures to keep the data safe. Well, it didn’t. So now your credit cards are being traded on murky online bulletin boards, and you’re scrambling to make sure that your credit isn’t compromised.

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