Want to rile Google as well as China? Create a fake YouTube site.

As the Google-China face-off spirals and even entangles President Obama, one Chinese computer whiz adds to the fray by creating a fake version of YouTube. That simultaneously violates Google’s intellectual property and China’s strict censorship.An unlikely new player has emerged to further roil the waters in Google’s clash with the Chinese government over censorship and cyberespionage: a 28-year-old Chinese computer geek who has challenged both sides in the dispute by creating a pirate version of YouTube.com.Li Senhe launched YouTubecn.com, a fake version of the Google-owned YouTube.com, on Jan. 15, just days after Google announced that it would consider pulling out of the Chinese market if it had to continue censoring its search engine results.
http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-Pacific/2010/0126/Want-to-rile-Google-as-well-as-China-Create-a-fake-YouTube-site.Also see:Google and YouTube copies launch in China
Imitation websites of both Google and YouTube have emerged in China as the country faces off against the real Google over its local operations.YouTubecn.com offers videos from the real YouTube, which is owned by Google and blocked in China. The Google imitation is called Goojje and includes a plea for the US-based company not to leave China, after it threatened this month to do so in a dispute over web censorship and cyber attacks.

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