Voodoo.com auctioned this week!

[news release] Domain Invest (www.domaininvest.lu) announces the auction of the Domain Name voodoo.com on the 21st February during the Domainer Mardi Gras auction held in New Orleans, at a start price of US$300,000.

Voodoo.com is part of an extensive list of domain names being auctioned during this cutting edge conference. Aftermarket.com will provide a live auction, which allows all participants to bid in person or online at Aftermarket.com.

Frederick Schiwek explains, “voodoo.com is truly a great Domain Name that already collects a revenue of $1000 per month, only via Domain Parking. The auction location of New Orleans is key as this city is well known for its voodoo religion and traditions. The domain name has also an important business value as the voodoo religion is still largely active and present. You could for example sell or buy spells online or develop a real historical and theoretical website. If you are a voodoo priest or own a voodoo business, don’t miss this opportunity to increase your visibility and image online”.

The Voodoo religion has acquired an exotic, Hollywood image in the past years with a strong emphasis within the Western media and the introduction of terms such as ‘gris-gris’ and ‘voodoo dolls’ into the American lexicon and translated worldwide. The potential value of the Domain Name value is thus significant and can generate high revenue and traffic.

Domainer Mardi Gras is a must attend event for domain names professionals with sessions on  Risk Management for the Modern Domainer, as well as a live auction conducted by Aftermarket.com. Domainer Mardi Gras is also designed to let domainers experience first-hand the weekend of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana which will include a traditional crawfish boil, private balcony parties on Bourbon St., a jazz brunch and several parades throughout the weekend. For more information about the conference, visit www.DomainerMardiGras.com.

Domain Invest
Domain Invest is one of the largest Domainer companies in Europe specialized in internet domain name monetization. Domain Invest acquires existing undervalued Internet Domain Names, which usually have a high potential and already generate revenues. The company then monetizes traffic by dynamically generating websites presenting advertisements contextually related to their domain name. The aim is to offer a value increase potential and to attract large audiences. Founded in 2008, Domain Invest is based in Luxembourg and already well known in the Domainer world.

Frederick Schiwek
Domain Invest