Vodafone: ‘mobile internet must improve or perish’

Mobile access to the web must get easier and more rewarding, Vodafone says, or the networks will lose out to Google and FacebookVodafone issued a stern warning to the world´s mobile operators today, saying that they had to improve dramatically the experience of using the internet on phones or risk losing out to the likes of Google and Facebook.Arun Sarin, the chief executive of Vodafone, said that devices such as the Apple iPhone had changed people´s expectations of using the internet on a phone, and that operators had to “raise their game” to avoid becoming irrelevant in the race to secure vital new revenues from services such as music and video downloads on phones.Mr Sarin suggested that there was no great competition to provide internet services on mobiles, particularly from the likes of Google, whose Android platform is scheduled for release this year, and that if operators did not improve their offering, they risked becoming mere “bit pipes” through which other players would gain access to customers.

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