.vlaanderen and .brussels now open to private individuals

[news release] Starting today, 13 November, and running until 15 December 2014 (10:00 CET), anyone with a valid Belgian eID card and Belgian identity will be able to apply for a .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name based on their official name.

To request your own personal .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name, all you need to do is log on to the eID wizard developed by DNS Belgium, using your eID. You will then be taken through the whole reservation process.

Which domain names can you apply for?

In this phase of the launch for the .vlaanderen of .brussels domain extensions, there are five possible domain names you can register, based on your official name. So, if your name is Jan Vandam, for example, you can apply for any of the following domain names:

•    vandam.vlaanderen
•    vandamjan.vlaanderen
•    janvandam.vlaanderen
•    vandamj.vlaanderen
•    jvandam.vlaanderen

And, of course, you can also apply for the .brussels variants in the same way.

How do you apply?

As you go through the process with the eID wizard, you will see a list with the possible domain names that you can register. Simply click on the one(s) you want to reserve. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail containing a reservation code for each domain name you have reserved. You should pass on this code within 7 days to your registrar (i.e. the accredited seller of domain names) in order to effectively register the domain name(s) you want.
Click here for a list of registrars where you can register a personal .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name.

Unique to Belgium

DNS Belgium is launching the .vlaanderen and  .brussels domain names in five phases. After the phase for trademark owners and the phase for government institutions, companies and organisations, this latest phase represents a unique opportunity for private individuals.
In other countries where new domain extensions are being launched, this phase for private individuals does not exist. But DNS Belgium thought it important to add this phase to the process, giving every Belgian the opportunity to apply for their own personal domain name prior to the phase when anyone can register any .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name that is still available.
More information about this eID phase.

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