Vivendi head calls for ‘three-strikes’ rule to tackle UK filesharers

Jean-Bernard Levy, the chief executive of Vivendi, the French owner of the world’s largest record company, Universal Music, said the UK government needs to bring in a “three-strikes” policy that would ultimately cut off persistent illegal filesharers.Levy, speaking at the UK government’s Creativity & Business International Network conference (C&binet) today on the issues facing the creative industries as they move to digital production and distribution, said that while it was too soon to gauge the results of the introduction of the “three-strikes” policy in France, it was a necessary step to protect content owners. see:Culture minister confirms court oversight for UK disconnections
UK internet users will not be disconnected from the internet for illegal file sharing without a court’s involvement, a Government minister has pledged. Culture minister Ben Bradshaw has told MPs that there would be a “strict” process involving the courts.The Government belatedly added the possibility of disconnection into a pre-existing consultation on the Digital Britain report on how the UK should deal with emerging technologies.

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