Vint Cerf “Nervous” About New gTLDs

Vint Cerf has joined fellow former ICANN chair Esther Dyson in expressing concerns about ICANN’s proposal to introduce new generic Top Level Domains (new gTLDs).Back in August Dyson, the inaugural ICANN chair from October 1998 to November 2000, wrote that new gTLDs do not “actually create any new value.”She went on to say in an article published on the Project Syndicate site that “the value is in people’s heads – in the meanings of the words and the brand associations – not in the expanded namespace. In fact, the new approach carves up the namespace: the value formerly associated with Apple could now be divided into Apple.computers,,, and so on.”Cerf, considered one of the father’s of the internet and who succeeded Dyson as chair, serving until 2007, “told Tech Daily Dose this week that he’s ‘nervous’ about ICANN’s new domain name proposal. He cited several potential concerns, including that it could create confusion among Internet users, big problems for trademark owners who may feel forced to register their trademark in all the new names or launch their own Internet addresses, and also logistical headaches if any of the operators of the new domain names go out of business.””At this stage of the game I think the engine is now running, and ICANN will do whatever it does,” Cerf said. “We will have to watch and see what happens and figure out what to do if the outcomes turn out to be harmful.”