Vint Cerf, father of the internet, calls for IPv6 adoption

Vint Cerf has called for the adoption of the IPv6 addressing protocol in order for the internet to continue to expand to reach more users and enable more devices to be connected to the internet.The call came as IPv4 addresses continue to be depleted at an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, reports InfoWorld.Even though some will attempt to make money out of the shortage of IPv4 resources, Cerf said the “smart thing to do is implement v6 now.””Internet service providers need to move to IPv6, said Cerf, who currently is vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google. Without more IP addresses, the Internet will not be able to grow very well, he said,” the report continued.”Cerf hailed the growth of the Internet and predicted its expansion into numerous devices, including household temperature systems and even into outer space. Sensor networks on the Internet will tell people which devices are consuming how much electricity, Cerf added.””There are over 600 million servers on the Net that we can see,” and the actual number is probably double that, Cerf said. “The Internet has 1.6 billion users as of 2009″.”We are still in a state of evolution. There are so many opportunities to add new functionally and new capabilities,” to the system.”We are going to see billions and billions of devices on the Net. The Internet, for its part, has invited many people to contribute content”.To read more of this InfoWorld report, see: read an exclusive InfoWorld interview with Vint Cerf, see:

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