Vint Cerf calls for Internet speed limits

Internet papa Vint Cerf said broadband speed limits rather than broadband data caps would be more useful in managing congested networks.Cerf, who is Google’s chief Internet evangelist, on Monday wrote a post on the company’s public policy blog blasting the idea of applying data caps and metered rate plans. Instead he proposed a plan that limits network speeds. totes consumer SLAs
Father of the internet and Google’s chief internet evangelist, Vint Cerf has waded into the debate about how broadband carriers should manage network congestion, suggesting, in effect, data rate service level agreements (SLAs) for consumers.’s call for simple pricing: Net Neutrality all over again
Vint Cerf, one of the co-inventors of the underlying technology that makes the Web work, now Google’s Internet evangelist, has issued a call for throughput-based pricing by ISPs. This in response to the Comcast ruling by the FCC, which fined the cable carrier for capping bandwidth used by customers if they exceed what the company considers reasonable use — Comcast has called their approach, which can cap the number of bits a user sends per month “consumption-based pricing.”

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