Village Roadshow launches legal action to block piracy-related website in Australia

Movie giant Village Roadshow says it has filed a case in the Federal Court to have a movie-related piracy website blocked in Australia.It is the first time Australia’s website blocking laws have been used since they were signed into law in June last year.It is expected that pay TV company Foxtel will also launch its own case later today, targeting notorious piracy website The Pirate Bay. see:Piracy: Village Roadshow and Foxtel to file lawsuits seeking to block websites
Village Roadshow and Foxtel are set to file lawsuits seeking to block piracy-related websites in Australia, according to reports confirmed by Foxtel.According to an ABC report the suits will be filed on Thursday in the federal court using laws passed in June to combat piracy.The laws allow copyright owners to apply to the court to force internet service providers to block access to websites that facilitate or are intended to infringe copyright. to have coordinated response to website blocking
ISPs that will be affected by prospective Federal Court injunctions ordering them to block subscriber access to specified piracy-linked websites are moving to ensure the process is as streamlined as possible.

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