Victory for civil society representation in ICANN

Milton Mueller continues his prolific pronouncements on ICANN on the Internet Governance blog. In this posting he writes of a “small working group created at the Paris meeting [that] has come to an agreement about the voting distribution in ICANN’s policy making Council for domain names (the GNSO Council).It remains to the ICANN Board and staff to accept and implement this proposal, but the Board is expected to follow the consensus of the working group. (If it does not, you will hear about it here!)” Mueller says the “proposed solution is a victory for civil society representation.” He also says “This new structure eliminates an old injustice in the ICANN” as “public interest/noncommercial voices were constantly marginalized and the IPR/trademark interests became a dominant force in domain name policy. … It represents all stakeholder groups evenly and requires balanced support across both user and supplier houses before any proposal can go through.”To read this posting by Milton Mueller in full, see

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