Victims of Phishing and Challenges of Internet Regulation by Dr. Tabrez Ahmad [Third International and Seventh Biennial Conference of the Indian Society of Victimology, 2010]

Abstract: Growing use of Internet for E-commerce and E-governance provides innovative opportunities for more efficient and convenient ways of committing traditional crimes. Phishing has become one of the common forms of cyber crime that perpetrators currently manage to commit in low risk environment, leading to potentially enormous increase in victimization. Phishing has become a complicated cyber crime with respect to detection, investigation, and prosecution.Issues of jurisdiction and non cooperation among the countries of the world complicate the ability of a particular country to protect the netizens against phishing. The main object of this paper is to analyse the challenge of internet regulation to combat phishing. The paper analyses the concept and prevalence of phishing victimization issues and the role of internet. The paper suggests a multilevel action plan to help and empower the victims of phishing. The paper also analyses the plan in international cyber forensic scenario to determine the challenge of phishing in internet regulation.

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