VeriSign to Celebrate .COM's 25th Birthday in March

25 years of .COM logoVeriSign have announced .COM will be celebrating its 25th birthday in March. In March 1985 the first .com domain was registered. There are now around 80 million.COM domains registered.
As part of its celebrations, beginning in March 2010, VeriSign, the long-time operator of the .COM, will lead an industry-wide initiative to recognise the innovators and leaders that have shaped the first 25 years of .COM and in doing so transformed our economy and society. The celebration of “25 Years of .COM” will kick off with a policy-focused event in Washington, DC on March 16.
In conjunction with that event, VeriSign will also announce the creation of four $75,000 research grants that will be awarded to those who show the most promise to shape the next 25 years of .COM.
“In the past 25 years, the Internet has altered history and transformed lives around the globe. It has forever changed our relationships with the world around us by providing unprecedented access to people, places and information. The .COM celebration is about honoring the innovators who have gotten us to where we are today and recognizing those who will help shape the next 25 years,” said Mark McLaughlin, CEO, VeriSign. “Billions of times each day, VeriSign connects web sites and users, while helping to ensure the Internet revolution continues to unfold at its characteristically fast pace. We’re proud of the role that VeriSign plays in enabling the .com infrastructure and in the role that our registrars play in providing the crucial platform and access to .com every day.”
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