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Verisign Provides Tips to Find Your Perfect .Com Domain

There are now over 127 million .com domain names registered which often makes it difficult to get that preferred .com domain. So with a little bit of self-interest, Verisign has published a guide on how to get that desirable .com domain. The guide can also be applied to a lesser extent to other gTLDs and ccTLDs.The suggestions are:

  1. Using a modifier such as “the” or adding descriptors such as the industry or location to the preferred string. Verisign suggest if the domain name is for your business, consider adding words that describe what you do, or the make-up of your company such as construction, dentistry, partners or associates.
  2. Including the location of your business or add relevant keywords, which research has found can help with search engines finding you.
  3. Find a unique way to describe your business or interest such as removing a letter from a common word (Tumblr) or combining words (Facebook).
  4. Use terms that might reflect what a potential customer might type in as a domain name when they think of your business.
  5. Use an acronym, although this might be nigh on impossible given the dearth of short .com domains, but it’s worth a try
  6. Use a social media handle which could be a “branding” your customers are familiar with, and this can be directed to a website or even social media account.
  7. Use a domain name suggestion tool such as Verisign’s DomainScope where one can type in keywords of interest and a list of relevant options is automatically generated.

To check out the advice in more detail, see the Verisign blog post at