Verisign Seeks To Reinvigorate “Uncommonly Timeless” .NET

verisign-net-logoRegistrations in .net have plateaued over the last couple of years, being stuck around the 15 million mark, while its Verisign stablemate .com has continued to see registration numbers grow and many of the new gTLDs have grown rapidly.

The first ever domain name created was a .net domain – However .net seems to have been hit by the introduction of new generic Top Level Domains. For the last four years registrations in .net have hovered around the 15 million mark, dropping slightly as new gTLDs began to be introduced in early 2014. But it wasn’t the only legacy TLD to be impacted. Others such as .info, .biz, .tel and .mobi also saw registration numbers drop, along with .us, some commencing their decline prior to the introduction of new gTLDs. But often the decline was accentuated after the decline of new gTLDs.

So to seek to get domain registrants interested again in .net, Verisign has launched a campaign describing the TLD as “Uncommonly Timeless” highlighting .net’s enduring appeal as a domain that is recognised as original and reliable.