Having Problems Finding That .COM or .NET Domain Name? Verisign’s NameStudio Can Help.

With short, memorable .com and .net domain names almost non-existent, many startups, small businesses and individuals find it difficult to get their desired domain name in one of these top level domains. So Verisign have developed a solution. NameStudio is an easy-to-use brainstorming device to help find that great domain name.

OK, the domain name they come up with may not be short, but it will pass the radio test, where one will understand the domain name when they hear it.

Through NameStudio, users type in keywords for domain names related to their idea or business. The service can dynamically generate relevant domain name options that can complement their keywords of interest, spurring creativity and additional domain name suggestions. The service is optimized for mobile and desktop users.

Domain Pulse started by typing in “kangaroo”, selecting a prefix of “blue” from the options presented and then another prefix from those next offered of “my”. We were then told the domain name mybluekangaroo.com was available. The service also works for the other Verisign TLDs .net, and their country code top level domains (ccTLDs) .tv and .cc.

NameStudio delivers relevant .com and .net domain name suggestions based on popular keywords, trending news topics and semantic relevance. Pulling from multiple and diverse data sources, the service can identify the context of a word, break search terms apart into logical combinations and quickly return results. It can also distinguish personal names from other keywords and use machine-learning algorithms that get smarter over time.

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