VeriSign: Internet infrastructure still vulnerable

VeriSign’s chief technology officer Ken Silva told ZDNet that, while certain parts of the internet infrastructure had been made more secure, there are still weak spots. Silva said the infrastructure “around .com and .net has been fortified to withstand the largest attacks we can reasonably predict, but not all of those infrastructures have been protected in the same measure.””I think, in particular, if you look at smaller countries, most notably Estonia and Georgia recently, their domain system is relatively small compared with others. Those probably haven’t been fortified to the level they need to be.” Silva said the investment in infrastructure has been proportionate to size, with those large infrastructures have made significant investments, while smaller countries, such as Third World countries, smaller European countries and some Asian countries “simply have not made a significant investment in their existing infrastructure.”To read this ZDNet report in full, see,1000000189,39544361,00.htm.

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