VeriSign Expands Project Titan to Strengthen Internet Infrastructure

VeriSign announced an expansion of its Project Titan initiative to include additional security upgrades aimed at strengthening its global Internet infrastructure. Building on its initiative to expand and diversify the capacity of its global Internet infrastructure by 10 times by 2010, VeriSign announced it would expand its existing security by:

  • Implementing next generation monitoring and response services to improve the ability to detect, isolate, and stop security threats to protect the .com and .net provisioning and resolution systems
  • Implementing new security and operational protocols to better manage traffic flow and increased protection against application-type attacks. These enhancements are intended to mitigate the risk of service disruption from attacks that use the behaviour of protocols such as TCP and HTTP that consume computational resources in order to overload critical systems.
  • Implementing new tools to track, correlate and pinpoint security and network related events on a global basis.

VeriSign currently processes an average peak of more than 33 billion Domain Name System (DNS) queries per day that can periodically spike to nearly double that. Project Titan will enable VeriSign to increase its daily Domain Name System (DNS) query capacity from 400 billion queries a day to more than 4 trillion queries a day and scaling its proprietary constellation of resolution systems to increase their bandwidth from over 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) to greater than 200 Gbps.More information on Project Titan and VeriSign’s plans are available from the VeriSign news release at

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