Verisign Enhances NameStudio API Enabling Registrars and Resellers to Drive Domain Name Registrations

Verisign have announced some enhancements to their NameStudio API that include the launch of an Online Presence Endpoint (OPE) feature. The OPE feature allows for even more personalised domain name suggestions based on information users choose to share with registrars and resellers about their online presence, such as:

  • Marketplace store and business social media account names
  • Social network, website builder, e-commerce and video streaming platform URLs
  • Business categories (example: fashion, restaurant, professional services)

Verisign’s NameStudio API Service is a smart API-based domain name suggestion solution, helping registrants find a domain name that best suits their desires. The service is designed to help registrars, web-hosting service companies and other businesses that offer domain name search and registration services deliver relevant domain name suggestions to their customers. The Verisign NameStudio API Service can provide domain name suggestions across a wide range of TLDs including Verisign-operated TLDs and other legacy TLDs, new gTLDs, and ccTLDs.

With the OPE feature that Verisign announced last week, registrars and resellers are able to apply information their customers permit them to use to deliver even more relevant domain name suggestions to their customers. Some of the ways NameStudio API customers can leverage the power of the OPE feature include:

  • Building email marketing campaigns to proactively share OPE’s personalised domain name suggestion feature with their users
  • Integrating OPE into a sign-up workflow, providing users with domain name suggestions that may be more desirable and relevant
  • Having the ability to launch more direct marketing campaigns geared towards audiences using specific online platforms

Plus, NameStudio API customers can receive monthly reports from Verisign, which provide them the ability to evaluate and analyse the effectiveness of their NameStudio API implementation and how it has helped them achieve their business objectives.

To see a demo of the latest NameStudio API enhancements or to request an API key, see

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