VeriSign Court Case Loss Could Shake Up Registry for .COM and .NET Domains

“VeriSign has suffered another legal setback in its antitrust court battle with the Coalition For ICANN Transparency (CFIT), after an appeals court ruled that CFIT has a case to be heard,” writes Kevin Murphy on his Domain Incite blog.The CFIT believes VeriSign’s deal with ICANN to run the .COM registry, which has a presumptive right of renewal and allows annual price increases, breaks US competition law, says Murphy in his report.Domain Name Wire summarised the case as thus: The CFIT sued VeriSign for its no-bid contract with ICANN, among other things. The district court dismissed the case, and CFIT appealed. Last year the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the district court had erred. VeriSign essentially appealed that ruling, asking for a rehearing. Today the court of appeals denied that motion for a rehearing.And in a comment on the case, Bret Fausett told Domain Name Wire the case has the potential to do one of two things: either VeriSign will petition the Supreme Court to hear the case, or it will go back to the district court for a trial.A worst case scenario could see VeriSign lose its right to operate the registry for .COM and .NET domain names. However whichever way it goes, there is a good chance the wholesale price of .COM and .NET domains could be reduced.For more information see: register your .COM or .NET domain names, check out America Registry here.