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Verisign Confirms It’s The Mysterious Backer Of .WEB

Last week’s auction to resolve who should be the successful operator of the .web new generic Top Level Domain saw the suffix sell for a whopping $135 million to the mysterious Nu Dot Co. Now Verisign has confirmed what many largely believed. That the company “provided funds for Nu Dot Co’s bid for the .web TLD.” Unsurprisingly, they also said they “are pleased that the Nu Dot Co bid was successful.”In a statement Monday the registry for .com and .net among other TLDs said:
“We anticipate that Nu Dot Co will execute the .web Registry Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and will then seek to assign the Registry Agreement to Verisign upon consent from ICANN.”As the most experienced and reliable registry operator, Verisign is well-positioned to widely distribute .web. Our expertise, infrastructure, and partner relationships will enable us to quickly grow .web and establish it as an additional option for registrants worldwide in the growing TLD marketplace. Our track record of over 19 years of uninterrupted availability means that businesses and individuals using .web as their online identity can be confident of being reliably found online. And these users, along with our global distribution partners, will benefit from the many new domain name choices that .web will offer.”In the lead up to the auction there were court cases and letters to ICANN demanding the auction be stopped until ownership of Nu Dot Co was clarified by Donuts, Schlund Technologies from Germany and Radix from India. However their efforts failed because they didn’t fit within the rules laid down by ICANN for disputes over auctions.