User-pays won’t save traditional media, says Australian ABC chief Mark Scott

ABC managing director Mark Scott has rejected plans by commercial news outlets to charge for online content as fanciful, and pilloried media organisations as dying leviathans too large to adapt to the digital economy.He also threw a few grenades at News Limited chairman Rupert Murdoch in an AN Smith Memorial Lecture in Journalism entitled “The Fall of Rome: Media After Empire”.,25197,26211937-5013404,00.htmlAlso see:ABC boss takes swipe at ’emperor’ Murdoch
ABC managing director Mark Scott has taken a swipe at media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s moves to charge for online content, describing News Limited as a “diminishing empire”.In a speech on the future of media in Melbourne last night, Mr Scott compared the News Limited boss to a “frantic emperor” who is trying to control the media as he always has, unaware that his power is long gone.

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