US Trial on E-Book Price-Fixing Puts Apple in Spotlight

Government lawyers are set to face off against Apple this week in a Manhattan courtroom, trying to prove that the company conspired with publishers to raise prices in the e-book market.But the evidence in the case will not just determine whether Apple has violated antitrust laws. It will also tell a broader story of how the introduction of e-books created upheaval in the publishing industry — with guest appearances by major players like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and e-mails from the late Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s former chief executive. see:U.S. takes Apple to trial over e-books price-fixing
Apple Inc goes to trial Monday over allegations by federal and state authorities that it conspired with publishers to raise the price of e-books.The trial pits the maker of the popular iPad and iPhone against the U.S. Justice Department in a case that tests how Internet retailers interact with content providers.

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