us: Spam Fighters Eye New Target in Fresh Legal Offensive

Unspam Technologies, a Utah-based antispam provider, has filed a federal lawsuit against so-called e-mail harvesters — anonymous parties who collect addresses from Web sites and other lists, which they then sell to spammers. The suit was filed in the Eastern District of Virginia under the federal CAN-SPAM law and the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, which is the state’s antispam statute.While there have been many skirmishes between spammers and antispammers over the years, this particular legal action is unusual in a few ways. For starters, the suit is for an eye-popping US$1 billion in damages. Also, it is the first time that this particular link in the spam Barracuda Spam Firewall Free Eval Unit – Click Here chain has been targeted by legal action — that is, the harvesters as opposed to the companies sending the e-mails or marketing the products. Finally, the suit was filed by a private company representing a coalition of Web users who oppose spam through Project Honey Pot.

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