US ‘six-strike’ anti-piracy campaign postponed until 2013

The “six strikes” copyright enforcement plan that aims to curb illegal downloads and peer-to-peer file-sharing has been postponed until 2013.The executive director of the Center for Copyright Information, which is in charge of the copyright warning system, announced today that because of damage from Hurricane Sandy the organization’s alert system will not begin until next year. see:Debut of ‘Six Strikes’ Anti-piracy Program Pushed Back to 2013
After yet another delay, the “six strikes” anti-piracy program is set to be enforced from early 2013 in the U.S., the Center for Copyright Information announced.The program is aimed at persistent online pirates and consists of a series of six increasingly severe alerts from their Internet service provider. The “strikes” can ultimately include speed throttling, temporary connection cut-offs and copyright reeducation.

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