US says China’s Baidu is notorious pirated goods market

The US has put China’s top search engine Baidu on a list of “notorious markets” for counterfeit and pirated goods.The US Trade Representative (USTR) accused Baidu of steering consumers to third-party websites where pirated material is hosted.Baidu is the most-visited website in China and among the top 10 in the world, USTR said. see:U.S. calls China’s Baidu ‘notorious market’
The United States on Monday again put China’s top search engine, Baidu Inc, on its annual list of “notorious markets” for counterfeit and pirated goods, fueling U.S. business community hopes for action in Congress against “rogue websites.”The U.S. Trade Representative’s office said Baidu was the most prominent example of online services that use “deep linking” to steer buyers to “allegedly infringing materials, often stored on third-party hosting sites.” tops list for online, offline piracy
U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk released a report Monday reaffirming China’s role as the world’s leading source of counterfeit goods – both online and offline.The “Notorious Markets” report cites four websites and dozens of shopping areas on the mainland and in Hong Kong as hubs of pirated products. But the report also underscores that copyright infringement is a global problem, with Canada, Ecuador, Philippines and Russia (which ranks second after China) among the countries doing brisk business in illicit products.

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