US rebukes Yahoo over China case

A US congressional panel has criticised internet firm Yahoo for not giving full details to a probe into the jailing of a reporter by Chinese authorities.Yahoo had been “at best inexcusably negligent” and at worst “deceptive” in evidence given to the House Foreign Affairs Committee last year, it said.Yahoo’s Michael Callahan originally told Congress he did not know why China wanted the reporter’s details. see:Congressmen corner Yahoo! over jailed Chinese dissident
The head of the American internet company Yahoo! delivered a personal apology today to the tearful mother of a Chinese journalist who was jailed using email information provided by the firm to secret police in Beijing.At a hearing on Capitol Hill, the Silicon Valley company faced trenchant criticism over its “spineless and irresponsible actions” in helping the Chinese authorities to identify Shi Tao, a dissident who sent sensitive emails using a Yahoo! account under a pseudonym.,,2206251,00.htmlYahoo Squirms Under Congressional Grilling Over Jailed Journalist
At a hearing before the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and General Counsel Michael Callahan were forced to defend Yahoo’s testimony last year regarding its role in the Chinese government’s arrest and jailing of journalist Shi Tao. The executives were called on to address allegations by Committee Chairman Tom Lantos that Callahan provided “incorrect” information in his testimony on the topic last year. In February 2006, Callahan said the company had no specific knowledge about the nature of China’s investigation of Shi Tao. C.E.O. Defends Company in China Case [AP]
Yahoo Inc.’s chief executive and top lawyer on Tuesday defended their company’s involvement in the jailing of a Chinese journalist. Irate lawmakers accused them of collaborating with an oppressive communist regime. “While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos, D-Calif., said angrily after hearing from the two men. appeal for journalist that Yahoo! helped send to jail [news release]
As Internet giant Yahoo! prepares to answer questions before the US congressional House Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday 6 November, Amnesty International has reiterated its call on the company to use its influence to secure the release of Chinese journalist Shi Tao. Yahoo! should also exhaust all judicial remedies and appeals before complying in future with Chinese directives with human rights implications and develop an explicit human rights policy, said Amnesty.

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