US Presidential Campaigns Stock Up On Domains, Particularly Negative Domains

The US presidential campaign teams for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are busy buying up domain names to be ready to hurl insults at one another! and are two of dozens of domain names Romney’s team has registered, spending $32,261 on domain-related purchases while the Obama campaign has spent $29,627 on “domain websites,” according to campaign-finance reports the USA Today reports.The USA Today report quotes experts in digital media who say “campaigns and political organisations of all stripes increasingly use the ‘microsites’ as tools to draw attention to an issue, brand an opposing candidate or raise money around specific themes.””It’s absolutely a good strategy,” Vincent Harris, a digital consultant who worked with the GOP presidential campaigns of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former House speaker Newt Gingrich, told the USA Today. “The shorter, the catchier the name the better.”Josh Bourne, president of the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, told the paper that the fact that the Romney campaign appears not to own any of the combinations of his name and potential vice presidential contenders could be a problem soon.”There’s a ‘snooze, you lose’ aspect,” he said. “When they announce that running mate, unfortunately it tends to dawn on them then: … The good name is gone; now they have to use something that is less memorable.”