us: Our view on cyberbullying: MySpace case bends the law-Missouri mom deserves reproach, but prosecution raises concerns

When a Los Angeles jury convicted a Missouri woman last week in the online bullying of a 13-year-old girl who then took her own life, it felt like justice.The incident shocked the nation when it occurred two years ago, as well it should have. Lori Drew, 49, angry because the girl had quit being friends with her daughter, impersonated a 16-year-old boy to win the girl’s trust. From there, the facts get muddy because Drew was working with her daughter and an 18-year-old employee, and it’s not clear who sent which messages. But the fictitious “boy” flirted with the girl, apparently won her over, and then attacked her as “fat” and a “slut,” ultimately saying that the “world would be a better place without you.” The distraught teen hung herself within minutes.

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