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ICANN CEO: US Not Giving Up Control Of Open Internet. Because It Doesn’t Have Control.

“No single person, organisation or government has control of the global, decentralised internet,” writes ICANN CEO and President Fadi Chehadé on the ICANN blog. “The United States is not giving up control of the open internet. How can I be sure?” Chehadé asks. “Because the U.S. does not have control of the Internet.”Chehadé’s blog post is in response to numerous inaccurate media reports on the impact of the US government’s decision “to transition its stewardship of a narrow set of technical functions performed by ICANN within the Internet’s infrastructure (the IANA functions) to you, as part of the global multistakeholder community. The IANA functions include the allocation and maintenance of the unique codes and numbering systems of the Internet (such as Internet Protocol addresses).””The U.S. Government’s announcement of this transition in March 2014 set into motion two open, public processes. One is for the global Internet community to develop a process for this stewardship transition. Consistent with the criteria laid out by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), this proposal must have broad community support and must not seek to replace NTIA’s role with a government-led or inter-governmental solution. The second effort is to enhance ICANN’s governance and accountability mechanisms in light of the US Government’s transition away from its stewardship role. Both of these open and transparent processes involve people and organizations from around the world that have reiterated their conviction that the coordination of these narrow technical functions remains with a private-sector led multistakeholder community, not under control of one or more governments.”To read Chehadé’s blog post in full, go to: