us: MySpace bars thousands of sex offenders found among members

The social networking site MySpace claims to offer a virtual replica of the real world. It provides a forum to meet old friends, catch up on news, listen to music and chat with strangers. But like the real world, it also has its share of undesirables.The online site has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders among its 180 million members, it was revealed on Tuesday. Three months ago the site acknowledged that there were 7,000 profiles of sex offenders on its site, but under pressure from legal officials in several US states it has provided a more complete breakdown of its membership.,,2134859,00.htmlAlso see:
MySpace deletes 29,000 sex offenders
The operators of the social networking website MySpace say they have detected and deleted 29,000 profiles belonging to convicted sex offenders on its service.That is four times as many as the company said it had deleted in May this year.The News Corporation-owned website attracts about 60 million visitors a month in the United States alone.The new information was first revealed by US state authorities after MySpace turned over information on convicted sex offenders it had removed from the service.”The exploding epidemic of sex offender profiles on MySpace — 29,000 and counting — screams for action,” Connecticut Attorney-General Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

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