us: Major Anti-Spam Lawsuit to Be Filed in Virginia

us: Major Anti-Spam Lawsuit to Be Filed in VirginiaA company representing Internet users in more than 100 countries is expected to file a lawsuit in Virginia on Thursday seeking the identity of individuals responsible for harvesting millions of email addresses on behalf of spammers.The suit will be filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria on behalf of Project Honey Pot, a service of Unspam Technologies LLC, a Utah-based anti-spam company that consults with private companies and government agencies….The Virginia court has been the venue of choice for a number of previously successful anti-spam cases filed by some of the world’s largest Internet service providers. But this is thought to be the first anti-spam case brought by a class of Internet users not affiliated with any single Internet service provider….The company is filing the suit on behalf of some 20,000 people who use its anti-spam tool. Web site owners use the project’s free software to generate pages that feature unique “spam trap” e-mail addresses each time those pages are visited. The software then records the Internet address of the visitor and the date and time of the visit. Because those addresses are never used to sign up for e-mail lists, the software can help investigators draw connections between harvesters and spammers if an address generated by a spam trap or “honey pot” later receives junk e-mail.

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