us: Latest E-Mail Scam Offers Reprieve – at a Price – From Killer-for-Hire

If only real hit men were so courteous. In recent months, authorities said, about a dozen Fairfax and Stafford county residents have received e-mails telling them that they are about to be killed. There is a twist: The killer offers a way out.”The sender tells the receiver, ‘I’ve been hired to kill you, it’s one of your friends, I’m watching you. However . . . I don’t believe you did what they said, and I’m going to give you a chance to pay me, and I won’t kill you,’ ” Fairfax police spokeswoman Camille Neville said.The e-mails are extortion for the electronic age, Fairfax and Stafford authorities said — scams to intimidate recipients into divulging personal information.

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