US Justice Dept Urges Court to Reject Google Deal

The Justice Department urged a federal court on Friday to reject Google’s disputed settlement with book authors and publishers, citing concerns that the deal to create the world’s largest digital library could violate copyright and antitrust laws.The department’s antitrust division said in a statement it agreed with criticism that the deal, as currently constructed, could potentially lead to copyright infringements and may give Google an unfair advantage in the fast-growing digital book market. see:Opposition To Aspects Of Google Book Project Settlement Mounts
Google’s court settlement in the United States that could allow the search engine giant to sell scanned books online is increasingly coming under fire prior to the final hearing in the matter next month. Government entities and groups in the United States and in Europe that oppose the settlement could, at the very least, temporarily derail Google Book Search, according to sources.”I think the settlement could be in serious trouble, given the array of filings with the court,” Fred von Lohmann, a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). “But it’s difficult to predict outcomes at this stage.” objects to Google book deal
The US Justice Department has urged a New York court to reject a deal that would allow internet company Google to publish millions of books online.The deal raised copyright and anti-trust issues, the department said, and should be rejected in its current form.The court is due to rule on the issue early next month.

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