US Judge Tells LimeWire, the File-Trading Service, to Disable Its Software

A federal judge in New York issued an injunction on Tuesday that will essentially shut down LimeWire, the big music file-sharing service that has been mired in a four-year legal struggle with the music industry. The case has already resulted in the company and its founder being found liable for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.Although LimeWire, the file-sharing service that allows users to swap music that is a major descendant of Napster, is on the verge of vanishing in its current form, the company will continue negotiations with the major music companies about a licensing deal to offer music legally for sale with a subscription service. see:U.S. court shuts down Limewire music-sharing service
A U.S. federal judge on Tuesday granted the music industry’s request to shut down the popular LimeWire file-sharing service, which had been found liable for copyright infringement, the company said.The decision halts one of the world’s biggest services for allowing consumers to share music, movies and TV shows for free over the Internet. shut down by federal court
LimeWire, one of the world’s most popular peer-to-peer filesharing websites, has been shut down after a four-year legal battle with the US music industry.A federal court in New York issued a “permanent injunction” against LimeWire late on Tuesday, ruling that the platform intentionally caused a “massive scale of infringement” by permitting the sharing of thousands of copyrighted works by its 50 million monthly users.

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