US judge rules that DVD copying software is illegal

American software company RealNetworks has been banned from selling a program that lets people make copies of their DVDs, in a US court decision that could have far-reaching implications.After a year-long case over the legality of the company’s RealDVD software, a district court in San Francisco ruled that Real had violated America’s copyright laws and granted a preliminary injunction against Real to prevent it selling the program. see:RealNetworks Barred From Selling DVD Copy Maker
RealNetworks, the Seattle-based digital media company, portrays itself as fighting for people’s right to legally make backup copies of the DVDs they own. It appears to have lost at least the first and perhaps most important round of the battle.As many observers expected, U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel ruled Tuesday in favor of the Hollywood movie studios, granting them a preliminary injunction that prevents Real from selling its RealDVD software or licensing it to set-top box makers.

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