US internet ‘six strikes’ anti-piracy campaign begins

A “six-strikes” campaign to combat internet piracy has begun in the US.Five of the country’s leading internet service providers (ISPs) are taking part in the Copyright Alert System (CAS), which they say is designed to educate rather than punish users.Suspected persistent copyright infringers will receive six warnings, after which their internet access may be limited but not cut off. see:Digital rights advocates wary of new ‘six strikes’ initiative for online piracy
The newest attempt to thwart illegal filesharing in the United States launched Monday and while the “six strikes and you’re out” initiative seems to offer light penalties, digital rights advocates are concerned that it lacks transparency.The Copyright Alert System (CAS) was devised by a coalition of internet service providers (ISPs), content owners and the US government to curb illegal downloading by alerting “casual infringers” when illegal filesharing is detected on their IP address. System Launched for Movie, Music Pirates
Internet service providers have launched a more coordinated effort to deal with subscribers who illegally download movies, TV shows and music.AT&T Inc., Cablevision Systems Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc, Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp. have put into place an alerts system with “six strikes,” with various degrees of penalty for subscribers accused of piracy.‘Six Strikes’ System Flags P2P Piracy and Throttles Broadband Connections
The entertainment industry is teaming with five major Internet service providers to this week launch a new Copyright Alert System that will first warn online pirates and then start to strangle bandwidth of repeat offenders.Dubbed “Six Strikes,” the new system began roll out Monday, putting consumers on notice that content owners would be monitoring for illegal downloading or uploading of copyrighted movies, music and televsion shows and notifying participating ISPs such actvitity is detected. piracy alert system rolling out in the US [IDG]
A system that aims to curb Internet users from sharing copyrighted content is being rolled out in the U.S. after a number of delays.Backed by major Internet service providers, the Copyright Alert System (CAS) will require the ISPs to warn and educate users if alerted by owners of copyrighted material, and even throttle Internet speeds after six warnings, popularly referred to as “six-strikes.”

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