US Govt Transfers Oversight of .GOV to CISA

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced it will begin overseeing the .gov top-level domain (TLD) as of April 2021. CISA is working closely with the U.S. General Services Administration, who currently oversees the TLD, to ensure a seamless transition of daily operations for .gov customers.

“Using .gov and increasing trust that government communications are authentic will improve our collective cybersecurity,” said Eric Goldstein, Executive Assistant Director for CISA’s Cybersecurity Division. “People see a .gov website or email address and know they are interacting with an official, U.S.-based government organization. Using .gov also provides security benefits, like two-factor authentication on the .gov registrar and notifications of DNS changes to administrators, over other TLDs. We’ll endeavour to make the TLD more secure for the American public and harder for malicious actors to impersonate.”

.gov is one of the six original TLDs in the internet’s domain name system (DNS). The TLD is actively used by each branch of the federal government, every state in the nation, hundreds of counties and cities, and many tribes and territories as they serve the public on the internet. The DOTGOV Act of 2020 shifted responsibility for managing .gov to CISA as the nation’s civilian cybersecurity agency.

Because the TLD is central to the availability and integrity of thousands of online services relied upon by millions of users, .gov is critical infrastructure for governments throughout the country and all aspects of its administration have cybersecurity significance. Under the actions required by the Act, CISA will work to increase security and decrease complexity for our government partners.

Moving forward CISA says in the coming months and years they intend to provide a user-centred platform for DNS management, help government organisations maintain better awareness of the security threats their .gov systems are exposed to, and offer additional services to support the privacy, reliability, accessibility, and speed of .gov domains.

The DOTGOV Act reports Congress’ finding that “the .gov internet domain should be available at no cost or a negligible cost” to U.S.-based government organisations. CISA says they’re working on this and ask for patience.

CISA is the USA’s risk advisor, working with partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborating to build more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

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