us: Facebook sites face scrutiny for NCAA March Madness pools

Wild popularity on networking sites raises new legal issuesTake two modern American pastimes, the office pool for sports betting and social networking Web sites like Facebook.Put them together and what you get is an efficient way to organize wagers for college basketball’s March Madness. And a new crime.People who host online pools and collect fees conceivably face criminal charges and jail if found guilty of operating an illegal online gambling operation.,1,3870360.storyus: Report: FBI looks into Facebook March Madness betting pools
Online betting for NCAA basketball tournament could be illegal if operators take a cut, FBI saysWhile one of the rites of spring for many college students and office workers has long been betting in NCAA college basketball tournament office pools, taking those bets to social networks could result in problems with the FBI, according to a published report.The Chicago Tribune reported last week that March Madness office pools on social networks have caught the attention of the FBI because Internet gambling is illegal. “There could be a violation if there’s a payout and if the operators take a cut,” an FBI spokesman told the Tribune.

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