us: F.C.C. to Act on Delaying of Broadband Traffic

The head of the Federal Communications Commission and other senior officials said on Monday that they were considering taking steps to discourage cable and telephone companies from discriminating against content providers as the broadband companies go about managing heavy Internet traffic that they say is clogging their networks. FCC, Comcast, and Net Neutrality
The Feb. 25 hearings may not lead to broad regulation, but they did shine a light on broadband providers’ “network management techniques”As Comcast Executive Vice-President David Cohen began his remarks at a hearing held by the Federal Communications Commission at Harvard Law School on Feb. 25, he knew he was in for a rough day. “It’s a pleasure to be here as a participant and hopefully not as the main course for your meal.”Those hopes were quickly dashed as Comcast (CMCSA) drew the ire of many participants during the six-hour proceedings. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin convened the hearing to explore allegations that Comcast is acting improperly by blocking certain kinds of Internet traffic. Attorney General Subpoenas Comcast on Broadband [AP]
The New York attorney general’s office has requested information from Comcast Corp. on the company’s handling of Internet traffic.Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company, is the subject of several complaints to the Federal Communications Commission and has been sued by customers over its throttling of file-sharing traffic on its cable-modem service.”We have requested information from the company via subpoena,” Jeffrey Lerner, a spokesman for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, said Tuesday.Comcast said it was cooperating with the AG’s office.

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