US-EU Alignment on Tech Policy Shaky in Face of Russian Aggression

As Russia’s war in Ukraine plays out for the world on social media, big tech platforms are moving to restrict Russian state media from using their platforms to spread propaganda and misinformation.

After the European Union’s president called for a ban on Russian state media, a wave of tech companies blocked the channels from their platforms.

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Platforms scale up efforts to tackle Russian war propaganda

Some of the world’s biggest tech platforms are rolling out unprecedented actions designed to stem the tide of Kremlin-sponsored disinformation surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Following calls from the Ukrainian government, European lawmakers, and sanctions doled out by the EU, social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook have responded swiftly.

US-EU Alignment on Tech Policy Shaky in Face of Russian Aggression

As Russia uses technology to advance its invasion of Ukraine, the goal of aligning U.S. and European policy approaches has taken on new urgency but remains—as ever—beyond reach.

The Ukrainian leader who is pushing Silicon Valley to stand up to Russia

Six months ago, Mykhailo Fedorov, one of Ukraine’s deputy prime ministers, made a pilgrimage to Silicon Valley to discuss his country’s digital transformation. On Facebook, he posted a photo of himself arm-in-arm with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Palo Alto, Calif., praising him as the “most efficient manager in the world.”

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