US Court says Microsoft violated patent, but what does decision mean?

US Court says Microsoft violated patent, can’t sell Word program after Jan. 11 [AP]
A federal appeals court ordered Microsoft Corp. to stop selling its Word program in January and pay a Canadian software company $290 million for violating a patent, upholding the judgment of a lower court.But people looking to buy Word or Microsoft’s Office package in the U.S. won’t have to go without the software. Microsoft said Tuesday that it expected that new versions of the product, with the computer code in question removed, would be ready for sale when the injunction takes effect Jan. 11.,0,6522553.storyAlso see:Court’s patent ruling won’t keep Microsoft Word off the shelves
Pay no attention to headlines predicting that Microsoft Word will be banished from store shelves on Jan. 11 because of a patent ruling.The widely used word processor isn’t going anywhere; nor does Tuesday’s ruling by the D.C.-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit represent any sort of earth-shattering development in patent law. on sales of Microsoft Word upheld
Microsoft has failed in its attempt to dismiss a court case that would stop it selling Word.The software giant appealed against a ruling which found it infringed a patent owned by Canadian company i4i.With the failure of the appeal Microsoft must now pay i4i damages of $290m (£182m) and comply with an injunction ending the sales of some versions of Word.The injunction is scheduled to go into effect on 11 January.

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