US Congress Wants Answers From Google on Privacy Impact of Glass

A group of Congress members has sent a letter to Google seeking answers to a range of questions about the privacy implications raised by its Google Glass project.The letter, addressed to CEO Larry Page and signed by eight members of the bipartisan Privacy Caucus, asks Google whether it plans to use facial recognition technology in conjunction with Glass, what proactive steps Google is taking to protect non-Glass-wearing bystanders and what privacy policy changes Google might make for Glass, among other topics. see:Google Glass spurs privacy questions from Congress
Several members of Congress sent a letter to Google to ask about privacy concerns related to Google Glass, including how the company will prevent Glass from unintentionally collecting data without user consent.”Because Google Glass has not yet been released and we are uncertain of Google’s plans to incorporate privacy protections into the device, there are still a number of unanswered questions that we share,” the Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus, led by Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) wrote in a letter to Google CEO Larry Page. Press Google on Glass Privacy [IDG]
Members of a U.S. congressional group on privacy wrote Thursday to Google CEO Larry Page requesting information on how the futuristic device handles privacy issues.The letter, signed by eight members of the Congressional Bi-partisan Privacy Caucus, poses eight questions to Page and asks for his response by June 14. politicians quiz Google on Glass privacy
US politicians are seeking reassurances from Google that its smart spectacles will respect personal privacy.A letter has been sent to Google signed by eight members of a Congressional caucus seeking answers about Google Glass.The letter poses eight questions for Google about the data the gadget will collect about users and non-users.

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