us: Comcast welcomes FCC inquiry into traffic management

[IDG] In response to complaints that it is intentionally slowing some P-to-P traffic on its network, Comcast said it would be fine with undergoing an FCC investigationCable-modem service provider Comcast said Wednesday that it would welcome a U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigation into its broadband traffic management practices.FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, said the commission would investigate complaints that Comcast was blocking some peer-to-peer (P-to-P) traffic. An Associated Press investigation published in October found that Comcast was slowing traffic connected through the popular BitTorrent file-sharing program.,141223-c,ces/article.htmlThe FCC examines Comcast’s traffic-blocking plan
Late last year, in a blockbuster bit of investigation, the Associated Press discovered that Comcast was running software on its network that actively blocks its customers’ peer-to-peer file-trading applications (even when what they’re trading is perfectly legal — like, in the AP’s test case, the Bible).Comcast had long denied it was giving people anything other than “unlimited” access to the Internet; after the AP’s incontrovertible proof, it sheepishly admitted that it was “delaying” some Internet traffic in order to manage its network effectively. to Look at Complaints Comcast Interferes With Net [AP]
The Federal Communications Commission will investigate complaints that Comcast actively interferes with Internet traffic as its subscribers try to share files online, the commission’s chairman, Kevin J. Martin, said Tuesday.

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