US, China experts differ on Net governance

The way to set rules and norms for the Internet continues to divide China and the United States, with their experts no closer to finding consensus on core issues.

A panel discussion yesterday on how major countries can work together in cyberspace, including in cyber security, saw the American panellists calling for a multi-stakeholder approach, while the Chinese said the role of governments cannot be overstated.

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China's Internet vision takes root
China's intense lobbying of nations and major tech firms in the past year to buy into its vision of state-led Internet development has achieved a degree of success that should worry supporters of an open and globally connected Internet.

At the fourth World Internet Conference on Sunday, President Xi Jinping rightly said that the global Internet governance system is in “a crucial period” now, as more stakeholders agree with Beijing's views on how to govern the Internet.

China's Xi says country will not close door to global internet
Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Sunday the country will not close its door to the global internet, but that cyber sovereignty is key in its vision of internet development.

Xi’s comments were read by Huang Kunming, head of the Chinese Communist Party’s publicity department at the country’s largest public cyber policy forum in the town of Wuzhen in eastern China.

China think tank calls for 'democratic' internet governance
China ranks fifth among 38 nations globally in standards of cyber governance, a top state-backed internet think tank said on Monday, calling for a ‘democratic’ internet governance system to eradicate inequalities it said marginalized developing nations.

China has pushed strongly for a unified cyber governance regime, but other countries, business groups and firms have criticized its strict stance. Officials have sought a greater role for China in strengthening global internet governance.

Xi: All aboard internet express
China is encouraging other countries to board the express train of its internet and digital economy development, President Xi Jinping said on Sunday.

Xi made the remark in a congratulatory message to the opening of the Fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.

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