US cannot force Microsoft to hand over emails stored abroad, court rules

A federal appeals court has ruled Microsoft and other companies cannot be forced to turn over customer emails stored on servers outside the United States, handing a victory to privacy advocates.US law doesn’t work outside the country, the second US circuit court of appeals in New York ruled on on Thursday, reversing a 2014 lower court order directing Microsoft to comply with a warrant to turn over to the US government the contents of a customer’s email account stored on an Irish server. see:Major win for Microsoft in ‘free for all’ data case
The US government cannot force Microsoft to give authorities access to the firm’s servers located in other countries, a court has ruled.The decision is being seen as a precedent for protecting the privacy of cloud computing services.The US Department of Justice had wanted to access a server in Ireland, as part of an investigation into a drugs case. Wins Appeal on Overseas Data Searches
For the last few years, American technology giants have been embroiled in a power struggle with the United States government over when authorities get to see and use the digital data that the companies collect.On Thursday, Microsoft won a surprise victory in one such legal battle against the government over access to data that is stored outside the United States. just won a huge legal victory on email privacy
A federal appeals court sided with Microsoft on Thursday in a case over whether the U.S. government could force the tech giant and other companies to hand over customer emails stored overseas.The decision is a victory for privacy advocates and reverses a 2014 court order that required Microsoft to turn over email content stored on a server in Ireland. The original warrant that sparked the legal showdown was for emails connected to a narcotics case. Hands Microsoft Major Win, Rules US Warrants Don’t Reach Data Outside the Country
In a unanimous decision, the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals handed Microsoft a complete victory in its challenge to the US government’s demand that Microsoft turn over emails stored in Ireland. The Court of Appeals held that a US warrant does not reach data stored outside of the United States. CDT filed an amicus brief in support of Microsoft in the case and the ruling tracks closely with CDT’s arguments.’s really at stake in the Microsoft v. USA decision by Milton Mueller
The recent appeals court decision in the Microsoft – Ireland case was a milestone in Internet governance. If it is not challenged, or if it is appealed and holds up in the U.S. Supreme Court, it will mark an important turning point in the attempt to subject the Internet to sovereign states.

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