US billionaire wins high court order over Wikipedia ‘defamation’

A billionaire US hedge fund manager has been given the green light by the high court in London to force three websites – including Wikipedia – to disclose the identities of online commenters alleged to have defamed him.Louis Bacon, the founder and chief executive officer of Moore Capital Management, was given permission on Monday to use a UK court order to obtain the information from the US publishers behind Wikipedia, the Denver Post newspaper, and the popular blogging platform WordPress. see:Billionaire Louis Bacon Wins Wikipedia Defamation Suit, Will Go After Names
Most comment trolls don’t think they’ll ever have to show their faces to the people they insult. But Louis Bacon, an American billionaire hedge fund manager has received the go-ahead from a London high court to force three websites to disclose the identities of his alleged defamers, the Guardian reports.Bacon received permission to ask publishers behind Wikipedia, WordPress and the Denver Post to track down online commenters who he claims have posted libellous content about him, according to the Guardian. Bacon, now equipped with a Norwich Pharmacal Order, will serve the websites with the order so that he can go after these individuals for defamation.

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