us: Anguish for mother of suicide girl as ‘cyber-tormentor’ escapes the law

A small US town is up in arms after a mother used MySpace to victimise her daughter’s friendPolice rarely need to patrol the small suburban town of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. Its affluent residents are mainly law-abiding professionals whose children play safely behind the picket fences of smart houses in upmarket roads. ‘Small and quaint’ is how it describes itself.But last night the St Charles County Sheriff’s Department was on alert. Feelings are running high in this tight-knit community. And the focus was on one home in Waterford Crystal Drive and a planned candlelit vigil outside by parents and children with placards reading ‘Justice for Megan’. ‘It’s all we can do,’ says Tina Meier. ‘It’s for Megan.’Megan Meier was Tina’s daughter. She was vulnerable, a little overweight, suffered from depression and she was only 13. About a year ago she persuaded her parents to let her have an account on the social networking site MySpace. And on it she met Josh Evans, 16 and handsome, who told her she was ‘beautiful’.,,2216603,00.html

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